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Upcoming Events of Penshurst Anglican Church


Sunday, Sept 15 Shan Ong preaches (Combined service)
Sunday, Sept 23 Elizabeth Ong preaches (Combined service)
Oct. 2 - Oct. 4 Godly Play Training (Manly)
Oct. 5 - Oct. 11 Bart away
Sunday, Oct 6 Daylight Savings Begins
Sunday, Oct 13 Sunday School Teachers Meeting (12:30pm)
Sun., Oct 27 Team Leaders Meeting
Mon., Oct 28 Wardens Meeting
November 8 - 10 Church Camp with Peter Steicke


2019 PAC Church Camp


2019 Church Camp Application Form Download 2019 PAC 家營報名表下載

Speical Deit Form 特殊饍食表格


Team Leader Meetings

Bart and Aisen will be meeting with all the Teams Leaders on every third Sunday from 12:30pm of each month.