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Upcoming Events of Penshurst Anglican Church


Sat., Sept. 29 Neighbourhood Outreach (10am - 12pm)
Oct 7 Daylight Savings begins
Oct 7 - Oct 28 Mission Month
Oct 20 Fund raiser for Chinese Christian Literature (7pm)
Sun., Oct 28 Walk to Water (leaving church at 11:15am)


2018 Church Camp 2018家庭營

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The Tops Conference Centre (臥龍崗以北)
51 Bendena Gardens, Stanwell Tops NSW 2508

Friday 14th September 6pm – Sunday 16th September 2pm
週五 9月 14日下午 6時至週日 9月 16日下午 2時 (週五晚 /週六 /週日)

Arrival 到達
Fri 14 September 2018 6:00pm 9月 14日星期五,晚飯後 6點開始入營
First Meal: Supper
營地供應的第一餐: 晚飯後小吃
Departure 離開
Sun 16 September 2018 2:00pm 9月 16日星期天,午餐後 2點
Last Meal: Lunch
營地供應的最後一餐: 午飯
Site Address 營地地址
Address 地址 The Top Conference Centre – Grevillea
51 Bendena Gardens, Stanwell Tops NSW 2508
Phone 電話
(02) 4294 1430
PAC Registration Team Contact Details 教會家庭營註冊組聯絡資料
Nancy LEE or Bart 0405 998 112 (Nancy) 0400 282 848 (Bart)
Aisen Ju
0433 315 745



“Knowing God’s Will; Doing God’s Will”
“Many, LORD my God, are the wonders you have done, the things you planned for us.” Psalm 40:5

Teaching on Saturday
“Knowing God’s will”
We are industrious people. We always want to accomplish something. The idea of doing God’s will sounds exciting. Once in a while, someone says, “Don’t just stand there— do something!” Sometimes individuals or churches are so busy carrying out plans that they think will help achieve God’s purposes that they don’t bother to find out what He actually wants. I think God is crying out to us: “Don’t just do something. Stand there! Enter into a love relationship with Me. Get to know Me. Adjust your life to Me. Let Me love you and teach you about Myself as I work through you.” A time will come when action will be required, but we must not short-circuit the relationship.

Teaching on Sunday
“Doing God’s will”
When God reveals what He is doing, that is the time for you to respond. He speaks when He is about to accomplish His purposes. That is true throughout the Scriptures. But keep in mind, the final completion on of God’s work may be a long time off. God said through Isaiah, “Yes, I have spoken and I will also bring it about.” I have planned it; I will also do it” (Isaiah 46:11). God takes the initiative to involve His people with Him in His work. He does this on His timetable, not ours. He’s the One who is already at work in our world. When He opens your spiritual eyes to see where He is at work, that revelation is your invitation to join Him. You will know where He is working when you see Him doing things that only God can do. What God purposes, He guarantees to complete.

"明白上帝的旨意; 執行上帝的旨意"
“明白上帝的旨意; 執行上帝的旨意” “我的上帝耶和華啊,你行了許多奇事,為我們定了許多美好的計劃” 詩篇40:5

工業時代的人總是想完成任務。執行上帝的旨意聽起來是個讓人興奮的主意。好像常 常有人說: “ 光站著,行動啊。”有時候基督徒或者教會只是忙於執行自己認為該做 的事情而不顧考慮究竟上帝要 我們做什麼。其實上帝可能在提醒我們:“先別急著行 動,和我先建立關係,認識我,調整你的生命,讓我 用愛和教導改變你”’。在採取行 動之前,我們不要讓和上帝的關係短路。

當上帝啟示我們他的工作,我們就該有回應了。他會告訴我們他的目的。聖經裡面很 多這樣的例子。 但是別忘了,完工的時間可能很久。上帝告訴以賽亞“我已說出,也必成就;我已謀定,也必做成。(以賽亞 書 46:11)上帝讓我們參與他的工作,然而是根據他的日程表,而不是我們的。他在世上做他的工,當他開 你的眼睛看見他的作為,就是邀請你加入。你會看見他具體在何處工作,他的目標一定會達成。

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Team Leader Meetings

Bart and Aisen will be meeting with all the Teams Leaders on every third Sunday from 9:15am to 10:15am of each month.