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Upcoming Events of Penshurst Anglican Church


Dec 26 - Jan 09 Bart on Long Service Leave
Sun., Jan. 19 Team Leaders Meeting - 2020 planning
Sun., Jan. 26 Bart away on holiday
Sun, Feb. 02 Sunday School starts
Sun, Feb. 02 Sunday School Teachers Meeting (12:30pm)
Sun., Feb. 02 Adult Sunday School starts - "Basic Christianity" (12:30pm)



St John's Anglican Church Penshurst Building Renovation Design Proposals

Parish feedback on concept design

The Building Committee has had several discussions and design proposals, and now we would like your feedback on the proposed concept design.

We have a limited budget for the works which we do not want to exceed. As far as possible, we have tried to work within the existing building footprint through careful re-modelling to make better use of our existing space.

The main features are:

* Enclosing the breezeway between the hall and church with glass walls and doors, to make a more useful foyer/welcome space.

* Enclosing the verandah for sound, comfort and security.

* Repositioning the staff offices to the foyer.

* Moving the kitchen (keeping it the same size) to Bart’s old office. This will create better flow with 2 wide doors into this fellowship space.

* Enlarging the basement classroom to make two classrooms with new storage and toilet for both.

* Building a new entrance foyer downstairs to provide level access to the two basement classrooms.

* Reconfiguring the existing breezeway roof to remove box gutters, improve central height and let more light into kitchen area.

Please let us know what you think. Provide your thoughts below, or even draw on the plans.

*** Download design proposals feedback and comments in pdf


Team Leader Meetings

Bart and Aisen will be meeting with all the Teams Leaders on every third Sunday from 12:30pm of every three months.