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Prayer - Penshurst Anglican Church

Open Prayer Meeting:

The Quiet Place’ - Sunday at 7:00pm at church.
All welcome to attend this prayer meeting. A place for Penshurst Anglican Church members to find out about issues that other members would like covered in corporate prayer.

Public Prayer
Members of the public are welcome to attend Penshurst Anglican Church's Open Prayer Meeting on Sunday evenings. Alternatively, you may wish to submit a prayer request form below. Requests submitted in this way will be sent to the Senior Pastor who will decide on whether to bring the prayer request to the Open Prayer Meeting or to pray privately. Please consider all such submissions as being a public prayer request within the PAC community.
If you would also like to be contacted, please remember to add your contact details when submitting a prayer request.


If you would like to be contacted, please fill in 'Your Name' and 'Your E-mail' details when submitting a prayer request.
However, you MUST fill in the 'Access Code' and 'Your prayer request' before you can submit to form to us.

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