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Missions - Penshurst Anglican Church


A central part of our vision at Penshurst Anglican Church focuses on "mission-mindedness". PAC financially supports several missions agencies by tithing the donations received at our church services.

PAC supports the following missionaries and agencies:

Missionaries and agencies supported by PAC
David Lakos, working with Anglicare Chaplaincy at St George Hospital. Anglicare Chaplaincy
Elizabeth McDougall, working in Special Religious Education at Penshurst Girls High School, for Penshurst Combined Churches Christian Education Board.  
Michael Duckett at MacArthur Indigenous Church, an Anglican Church at Campbelltown. MacArthur Indigenous Church
Alfred and Alsie Ng, A+A Ministries, working in China with World Share. WorldShare
PAC also supports a family in Indonesia sharing Jesus' love and grace with their community.  

Missions Month
We hold Missions Month in October each year. We focus on each of our missionaries, and have various fund-raising activities to support a specific project each year.