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Team Leader Meetings

Bart and Aisen will be meeting with all the Teams Leaders on every third Sunday from 9 to 10am of each month.


Spiritual leadership is shared between four main roles at Penshurst Anglican Church. People filling these roles have clearly defined commitments to the people they lead and are held accountable by those leading them.

The overall objectives of each role remain fairly constant over time. The way in which these goals are acheived changes to reflect the way in which GOD is working in each of these leadership ministries.

A member of Penshurst Anglican Church does not have to commit to one of these roles in order to participate in - or even lead - ministry within the parish, but all ministries are held accountable by someone filling one of these leadership roles.

Leadership Roles

Senior Pastor
The senior pastor is responsible for all aspects of ministry within the parish. He/She is held accountable by the bishop of the diocese. There is only ever one senior pastor responsible for the parish.
Pastors meet with the Senior Pastor to oversee the ‘big picture’ of the parish as a whole, and oversee ministries which serve groups within the parish such as Church Services and Sunday School. Pastors are usually employed by the parish.
Cell Leaders
Cell Leaders meet with the Senior Pastor or Pastor for training, instruction and support. They meet with up to 12 or 14 Cell Members on a regular basis. The Cell Leader is responsible for co-ordinating the Cell, but all members participate in ministering to each other and sharing their faith with those outside the church membership.
Cell Members
Being a Cell Member is not a leadership role and is discussed further on the page A Cell Based Church.