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Funeral and Memorial Services

Funeral and memorial services at Penshurst Anglican Church are arranged in direct consultation with our Senior Minister. However, before you contact us, please talk to your chosen funeral service provider (such as J&C Hardy, White Lady Funerals, Simplicity, etc.) to begin the official paperwork and procedures. After the burial or cremation details are confirmed with them, please ask them to contact us and we will work together from there. A private appointment will also be made with you to go through the order of service. This discussion will include things like eulogies, Scripture readings, music and any other personal tributes. The inclusion of the RSL in the proceedings will need to be organised with us as well.

(Senior pastor / Minister)


在笔林圣公会 (Penshurst圣公会) 的葬礼和追悼仪式需与主任牧师直接商讨后进行安排。在您联络我们之前,请先与您所选定的丧葬服务公司(如J&C Hardy,White Lady Funerals及Simplicity等公司)开始着手正式手续以及填写相关文件。当您和丧服公司商妥埋葬或火化的细节后,请再叫公司方面联系我们,我们就会安排后续事宜。笔林圣公会也会和您本人预约,讨论葬礼流程方面的细节,包括悼词、圣经朗读、音乐以及其他人的个人致敬。如果需要安排退伍军人联盟(RSL)的参与,也需要和我们商讨。