Penshurst Anglican Church
Penshurst Anglican Church

Jesus - Communicated, Celebrated, Demonstrated

"Jesus - communicated, celebrated, demonstrated" is the catchcry summary of our mission statement.

At Penshurst Anglican Church, by the power of God's Spirit, we will endeavour to:
* Communicate Christ's gospel to the unchurched
* Incorporate new believers into Christ's body
* Educate all members towards maturity as Christ's disciples
* Demonstrate Christ's love to each other and the world
* Celebrate together the joy and hope of Christ's salvation

What is Penshurst Anglican Church?
Penshurst 聖公會的特徵是什麼?

We are a multi-ethnic church comprising 3 congregations which enjoy coming together frequently to worship the Lord as one. Despite the diversity of our background, we love spending time knowing each other in our regular Combined Services and our annual Church Camps. A smile and body language transcend any language barrier. We are much encouraged when we serve one another at church as well as reaching out as one to the larger community outside church.


We share our joys/sorrows in the cell group meetings as well as in the larger congregation. We support one another in both practical ways and through prayer as we live as God’s family. Everyone of us has a valuable gift to offer and is willing to use the gift when encouraged to serve one another and the community and ultimately to the Lord.


We have a unique calling from God to be a multi-ethnic church that is unified around the core values of acceptance, inclusion and a healthy tolerance of our cultural and linguistic differences. We therefore are united in our vision to reach out to one another and also the community outside our church through mission programs and corporate activities. We see our church as an important hub of community life.

Having this vision and calling from God, we strive to grow in our communication skills across the congregations and between pastors, pursuing greater spiritual growth through preaching that accommodates the needs of our members. As we reflect the living gospel of reconciliation with God and people, the fellowship we have in Christ will be extended to our neighbours at home, work and church.


Cell Based Church

Our church calls itself a ‘cell church’, built upon the Biblical idea that the primary way that God’s people can truly live out the Gospel is through small, intentional communities (called ‘cells’). It is here where Jesus is given a far more intimate opportunity to do His work of transformation.
The analogy is with biological cells which are part of a larger body - yet self contained - and able to grow and multiply in number.
Cells are small groups of people who meet on a regular basis. The focus of the meeting is to encourage growth in each Member's relationship with the Lord Jesus.

The meeting is loosely based on 4 main components:
* Learning more about each other
* Sharing from God's Word (the Bible)
* Worshipping God
* Praying

The emphasis at PAC is on being a member of a Cell. We believe that the depth of relationships which develop in these groups is instrumental in keeping each Member firm in their faith in Jesus. The reason is as Jesus put it - that his church is to be a Body of believers - many parts, all working in unity to the edification of each other and the glory of God who breathes life into it.

Regular Cell Group Meetings

Group Name/Leader
Place/Aprrox. size About the group
Kim & Bart VandenHengel Tuesday /
7:30pm - 9pm /
The Manse - Penshurst / 12 people We meet for tea/coffee from 7.30 for around half an hour, then have an icebreaker before Bible study for an hour. We finish up right on 9pm so that people can get away immediately if they need to, or stick around for more informal fellowship.

We pray for each other and regularly enjoy meals together for birthdays and other celebrations.

The vibe is relaxed and open.
Joy Watkinson / Margaret Tilbrook Tuesday /
7:30pm - 9:30pm / fortnightly
Geoff's place - Oatley / approx. 9 people We meet for fellowship and to stay connected.

The main focus of the group is to be real and honest and see Jesus in the everyday of our lives.

The group is very informal and aims to be a safe place for those who are struggling. Each person takes a turn at leading and this allows for a variety of topics ranging from personal dilemmas and struggles to a book or passage that one may have been inspired by.

Weekends away together have been integral to our cell community and we have times of sharing, fun and rest on these weekends. We also meet socially on a regular basis.
Megan & Jeff Powys Thursday /
7:30pm - 9:30pm / weekly
The Powys' place - Carss Park /
approx. 16 ~ 20 people
The group consists of a mix of 50/50 ‘Anglo –Chinese’ & 50/50 ‘Men-Women’.

We are currently looking at Healing in a Christian’s life – spiritual, emotional and physical,
‘What is healing ?’,  ‘Why do we need it ?’

The aim of the group is to experience Jesus in our daily life.

We have a time of sharing/teaching – then pray together, women with women & men with men.
ReCharge Thursday / 8:00pm / weekly Rotates between members' home (Please contact Bart on 0400 282 848) / 7 people Open to all young Adults. Informative studies and discussions for the way youth sees themselves fit into the world.
週二早晨組 星期二 / 10am -11am / 每週 教會辦公室 我們小組適合白天有空閒的弟兄姐妹參加。
週三小組 星期三 /
7:30pm - 8:30pm /
教會辦公室 我們小組以組員輪流帶領查經的方式,目前在査路加福音。特色是討論內容活潑多樣,盡量貼合生活實際。我們經常會有聚餐,希望平日晚上有時間的弟兄姐妹參加。
禱告會 星期二 / 8pm - 9pm /
教會圖書室 主要內容: 為教會,為自己,為親人/家人禱告
方式: 禱告 - 可開聲/可不開聲
週天査經小組 - 第一組 星期日 /
12:30pm ~ 2:00pm /
教會圖書室 對象: 初信者,對聖經不甚熟悉者
1. 聖經基本要道
2. 通讀聖經,旨在熟悉整本聖經
3. 聖經概論,旨在以整體的角度,了解神奇妙偉大的計畫
4. 細解主禱文
方式: 按順序完成一至四內容
週天査經小組 - 第二組 星期日 /
12:30pm ~ 2:00pm /
教會圖書室門口 對象: 有聖經基礎的基督徒
內容: 查經
査經/詩班小組 星期五 /
7:45pm - 9:15pm /
教會辦公室 對象: 適合所有對聖經和聖詩有興趣的弟兄姐妹參加。
內容: 查經,討論,練習詩歌
媽媽組 星期日 /
12:30pm ~ 2:00pm /
副堂後面小房間 對象: 所有當媽媽的
內容: 討論聖經人物(主要婦女人物),討論親子關係


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